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Truth And Janey - Erupts! CD

Label: Rockadrome
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Truth And Janey - Erupts! CD. Truth and Janey erupt with absolutely crushing live recordings from 1976 by one of the midwest's heaviest power trio of all time!!! This features material taken from their previously released double LP from the early 90s on compact disc for the first time! Tune in and hear Billylee Janey take his '64 Gibson Firebird to new heights of heavy wailing godlyness!!!! A raw, loud, screaming guitar trip back in time to 1976! Re-packaged for the Vintage (Rockadrome) label with new artwork and booklet containing an interview with guitarist Billylee Janey! Over 70 minutes of heavy jams!

Track Listing:

  1. No Rest for the Wicked
  2. Birth of the Heart
  3. Universal Light
  4. A Child
  5. Building Walls
  6. Tunnel of Tomorrow
  7. The Light
  8. One Down One to Go
  9. White Bread
  10. My Mind
  11. As I Am
  12. Ain't No Tellin'
  13. Hard Road


- "3 dirty longhairs with killer vintage instruments and amplifiers that players fiend over today. The sound is pure power trio rock in the vein of Cream, Grand Funk Railroad and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Loud, bluesy and full of energy. Guitarist Billy Janey rips it up on his Gibson Firebird with a strong Hendrix influence. It sounds like he may have some kind of flange pedal on to give it a bit more of a Robin Trower feel. Billy also handles vocals and belts it out like Jack Bruce. Steve Bock handles the bass (Gibson EB-4, the one shaped like an SG) and Denis Bunce plays a big ass drum kit that would give Dennis Dunaway of Alice Cooper’s band a run for his money.

"Erupts! is a guitar fan’s delight. Every song features excellent lead playing and driving rhythms. It’s a big challenge for a 3 piece rock band to fill all the holes in the sound and these guys knew what they were doing. Shorter songs like “Building Walls” and “The Light” contrast nicely with longer workouts like “Tunnel of Tomorrow” and the crowd pleasin’ “Birth Of The Heart.” “Hard Road” is a fast boogie that really cooks. If you’re into Johnny Winter’s live albums from the 70’s you’ll love this record. " - Ripple Effect

- "a very urgent and exciting recording with a slammin' overdriven Ampeg bass sound that powers this entire beast from below (I don't think he's actually playing through an Ampeg based on what I can see in pictures, but it's got that type of sound).    Like Grand Funk but nastier.  The guitar sounds are also beautifully fuzzy and filthy, with nary a clean guitar to be found.  This record sounds like they were just absolutely cranked live." - Wo Fat Lore (blog)

- " Truth and Janey's "Erupts!" album is a great guitar record " - Stonerrock.com

- " This CD is an inferno of great jamming, excellent musicianship, and tons of attitude." - Peacedogman.com

- "The Truth and Janey sound is probably captured best on this live record. It's a mix of classic rock, psychedelic guitar rock reminiscent of Hendrix, and the progressive structures of a band like Budgie. Lots of jammy parts, some of them heavier than others of course." - Rockonvinyl blog

- "Excerpt from SlugeLord blog interview with Granite House Records:
(SL) If you could have released any record past or present, what would it be and why?
(GHR) Wow! My answer could change hourly! This is the hardest question in the explored universe! British Steel? Seven Chalices? Seven Churches? Dopethrone? Symphonies of Sickness? Kill ‘Em All? Definitely Maybe? Hell Awaits? Shit. My mind = blown. Can’t compute. Meltdown. Okay, fine, um, I’ll chose Truth & Janey “Erupts!” because it’s one of the best live albums of all time. So fresh. Raw. Solos. Power Trio!!!!!" - Sludgelord Blog


Hard Rock
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