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Truth And Janey - No Rest For The Wicked CD

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Truth And Janey - No Rest For The Wicked CD. Great American underground private press hard rock album out of Iowa circa 1976. A real heavy rock classic filled with inventive songwriting, intelligent lyrics, and above all, top-notch guitar playing from BillyLee Janey!! The mega-rare original vinyl press on the Montross label is an all-time favorite among collectors and fetches big money nowadays. This is the official compact disc reissue containing four studio bonus tracks and a 16-page full-color booklet with the history of the group, lyrics, and rare band photos!! (new, unplayed)

- "One of the greatest hard rock albums of all time" - The Acid Archives

- "The album was first released in 1976 and is a truly phenomenal record. This is an essential, must-get release for fans of 1970's hard rock." - Roadburn

- "Truth and Janey deliver the goods perfectly." - Psychedelic Fanzine

- "The guitar work and vocals are a serious force to reckon with." -

- "If you are a dedicated 70s heavy rock fan you can't forget this fantastic album. Much highly recommended." - GL Productions

Track Listing:

  1. Down the Road
  2. The Light
  3. I'm Ready
  4. Remember a) A Child b) Building Walls
  5. No Rest for the Wicked
  6. It's All Above Us
  7. Ain't No Tellin
  8. My Mind
  9. Midnight Horseman*
  10. Around and Around*
  11. Under My Thumb*
  12. Straight Eight Pontiac*

* bonus tracks



Hard Rock
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Truth and Janey's "No Rest For The Wicked" is a hidden gem!. This album is pure 70's hard rock to the max!. This guys should have been much bigger. They were such a talented band!. I discovered the band by listening to blues rocker Bryce Janey, who happens to be the son of guitarist/vocalist Billylee Janey. Bryce is an extremely talented musician on his own. So I began snooping around and discovered this killer band that is Truth and Janey. So if you like killer and heavy guitar riffs, than get this album. At the moment it seems that you can only get the mp3 version of it. It's ok as the mp3 files sound real good!. But I hope Rockadrome gets with the program and begins re-pressing the cd versions. After all they own the rights to the music, so it shouldn't be that difficult. So anyways, if you are a fan of 70's hard rock, than this album is a no brainer. Just GET IT!!, and I hope Rockadrome re-presses this and the other albums on cd.
I took a chance on this and I'm very pleased. 52 minutes of hard rock happiness. Great power trio guitar stuff here. This band should of made it big. They sound a lot like Cream/Trower/Marino. Not bad company to keep. This is a no brainer just buy it.
Hello Fans,

Steve Bock of "Truth and Janey" died on July 30, 2009 due to medical malpractice. Today would have been his 58th birthday. In honor of him and the music he dedicated his life to, spread the word about this album. It is a true masterpiece and example of his amazing talent. The last thing he ever recorded was with me; a theme track for a movie that is being produced by Barry Morrow (producer of the the well-known fim, "Rain Main" with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman). The track is available on YouTube. Go to, type DavidsDream999 in the search box, and choose "Photostory" to hear our track. There are also several photos of us in the studio which was a wonderful memory.

Very sincerely,
His best friend, Brenda
Amazing mid-1970s obscure American hard rock. Catchy riffs, decent production, and guaranteed to make a believer out of the doubters concerning this band's ability to rock.
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