Winterhawk - There And Back Again CD

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Winterhawk - There And Back Again CD. Before they regrouped to record their timeless classic "Revival" album in 1982 they were stunning audiences during their late 70s prime opening shows for acts like Budgie, Black Oak Arkansas, Steppenwolf, and others. We struck gold when we unearthed this wonderful 1978 recording of Winterhawk at their peak during a headlining gig at Chicago's infamous Aragon Ballroom! You'll hear guitarist Jordan Macarus at the top of his game, dealing out endless mounds of mindblowing fretwork! Revealed for the first time in over 20 years are massive Winterhawk classics like "Off the Bat," "There and Back Again," "Creatures of the Sea," "In the Wake of Things Yet To Come" and more!! We've also included a couple of rare early demos as a bonus! A must-have CD for fans of classic 70s hard rock and groups like Thin Lizzy, Rush, UFO, Wishbone Ash, Blue Oyster Cult, Mahogany Rush, Kansas, and more!! This is a limited Japanese mini-LP style release on the Belle Antique label. (new)

- "For those of you unenlightened to the guitar talents of Jordan Macarus, this live CD will be a revelation for you. The guitar work is stunning, the songs are perfect and bring to mind the twin lead stylings of Wishbone Ash and even in parts reminds of a what a 70's version Iron Maiden might have been" - (Shroom Records)

Track Listing:

  1. Sanctuary (5:27)
  2. In The Wake of Things Yet to Come (8:40)
  3. Hammer and the Axe (6:41)
  4. Creatures of the Sea (13:08)
  5. Interlude (1:15)
  6. There and Back Again (9:23)
  7. Drum Solo (1:25)
  8. Free to Live (10:10)
  9. Bad Influence (4:35)
  10. Too Much of Nothin' (4:08)



Prog Rock
Belle Antique
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